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Ways to Play Old Games on Your PC

When you get your first gaming PC, the next piece of business is to buy games. With brand new games, PCs need to fulfill the minimum system requirements; it may not function. Purchasing older games is always a risk since you never know if the money you invest will be well worth it.

You’ll get home and put in a game only to discover it does not work. In case the specs are exceeded by your PC, and you’ve got doubts that it will work, then do not purchase it. What if you’ve purchased a game in a bargain bin that maybe a couple of years old, and you also have not gotten it to work? Rather than giving up, here are some tips that may help you play the game.computer

Downgrade Computer Operating System

One option would be to downgrade your OS rather than the hardware. It’s possible to switch back to a dual boot system, or an old operating system. If they may have been built to use a device on Windows XP, side-installing the OS may enable the game to run on your PC.

Use a Virtual Machine

internet searchI am new to the idea of virtual machines and do not need to resort to the method, but you may use a program like VirtualBox to play retro or old-school games. The drawback is it does not work nicely with operating systems such as Windows 95 and 98. Besides, it performs better with games that rely on 2D technologies. If anything, it bridges the difference between matches that ran in DOS. However, it will save you from resorting to a dual boot system or needing to purchase hardware.

Install an Emulator

More frequently than not, some games will use DosBox to do the job. Then you can try out using DosBox to play it. DosBox emulates the number of games that function on old hardware. The encounter while using it isn’t necessarily that great. Some games work with this, and many others do not. So always read the back of the box to see the specifications and requirements.


Android Emulators for Your PC

Android program emulators for PCs enable you to run android programs on your computer. Emulators such as Provenance Emulator offer a simulation experience similar or even better than what you would experience on a smartphone. Here are the best PC android app emulators.computers


This emulator will operate on PCs and is entirely customizable. Andyroid’s manufacturers also have established a program that turns a smartphone into a gaming console. Just download the application and play your mobile games directly on the PC.

Installing and downloading Andyroid will take some time. Prior to installation, check if your PC meets with the technical requirements. It takes a minimum of 3GB RAM and 20 GB of disk space. Ensure that you have enabled virtualization from the BIOS.


appsGenyMotion is a program that supports lots of devices is fast and runs on Jelly Bean. Before downloading, you’ll have to register with the website, although installation and setup are simple. You might have to authenticate your credentials before running programs via its cloud platform. The program is still in beta, so functionality might not be up to scratch.

GenyMotion can not run all 3D games. Graphically-intensive games such as Temple Run may wreck PCs and notebooks which don’t possess CPU virtualization capabilities.


YouWave supports programs invented for Android 2.3 and performs exactly like your tablet or phone. The display can be rotated for multiplayer matches. It simulates memory cards enabling users to store their match progress on the PC.
This Android program emulator for Windows includes an integrated program store that allows you to look for applications and download it into your PC. The program player can not play software which has ARM code.
It is possible to test YouWave for a couple of days, but to get the complete version; you need to obtain an activation key.

AMD AppZone

The very best aspect of all AMD AppZone is it can run games in full-screen. The AMD web site has games that you play and can install on your emulator. Much like BlueStacks, this program player allows for synchronization between programs on the computer and your mobile device. AppZone may be used to test out some high Android games. However, it isn’t appropriate for program testing.