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Understanding VPN Speed

A VPN’s speed is an important thing to consider and can also be a critical factor for most people when deciding whether or not to use the NordVPN service (le service NordVPN). If a VPN provides greater online security and helps to avoid blocked content, the overall experience will be far from perfect once the service is slow. The following guide examines several components that might help determine a VPN’s speed and how they might be mitigated.

VPN Server Location


Typically, connecting to a VPN server closer to your location will result in a higher speed. This results from how the elegance of Internet traffic increases as the distance between you and the VPN server increases. The more complex the traffic is and the larger the space in which information has to travel, the slower the VPN will be. Unless you have a great reason to connect to a particular VPN site, choosing the location closest to you is a perfect choice.

VPN Protocols

You can use numerous protocols to set up a VPN connection. There are no strict rules about which routine gives you the best speed. OpenVPN on UDP is an excellent verification standard. If you end up having difficulties, you should consider switching to another protocol to see if the VPN speed improves.

Encryption Level

Stronger encryption is often more complicated and can therefore slow down a VPN. 128-bit encryption generally results in a faster connection than standard 256-bit encryption. On the negative side, lower bandwidth capacity will most likely make the VPN connection less secure and the transferred data more vulnerable. So you can try playing with the security level, but if you don’t see significant improvements in speed due to weaker encryption, then it is better to stick to the stronger variants.

VPN Server Load


How powerful the VPN server is will probably have a significant impact on the rate. Overloaded servers that use bandwidth that cannot keep up with the need will cause a much slower experience. The client software you use to connect to your VPN service will often allow you to understand exactly how many IP addresses and exactly how much bandwidth a host has.  Exactly these same clients sometimes also show real-time usage.

Network Setup

Whether the device is on a wired platform and connected to a router or using WiFi, it can affect the VPN’s speed. This distinction is especially important if you have a fast connection to the outside world. Ideally, speed and reliability could be radically different. If you have tried to implement several of the methods mentioned in this guide, but still can’t see an improvement in speed, it might be time to consider changing your VPN provider.